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Thanks to our long history satisfying a world of demanding customers, Honour Technology  take pride in delivering the quality best suited for the customers needs.

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X-Ray inspection

X-ray test is a real-time non-destructive analysis to check the internal hardware components of the component. It mainly checks the lead frame of the chip, wafer size, gold wire bonding diagram, ESD damage and holes. Customers can provide good products for comparison. examine.

Product quality management system

In order to meet different Quality Control requirement from customers. Honour Technology set up a series of strict and advanced Quality Control Management System, including High Performance Test Equipment , Component Test Processing Equipment and other necessary testing items, and test reports can be provided; in addition, Honour Technology have achieved close cooperation with third-party testing agencies to ensure that each order of customers meets customer requirements.

Certificate of Comformance

CoC is one of the way to ensure the traceability of parts, Honour Technology is capable to provide the CoC according to the customer's request when the parts are supplied directly from the original manufacturer and global authorized distributor, MOQ is requested for getting a manufacturer's CoC. While the products are from stock/inventory, Honour Technology provides its own CoC under the company title of Honour Technology to guarantee the traceability of parts.


Honour Technology makes an effort to satisfy all of your electronic component purchasing needs.Honour Technology knows quality is highly important to customer, so every order will receive a 360 days warranty to make sure you receive exactly what you ordered.  

Honour Technology takes action to ensure we provide the best products and services in the industry.

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